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Choice Laundry Powder ~ Combo 'Love-It' 160 ~ Best Value!!!


Choice Laundry Powder ~ Combo 'Love-It' 160 ~ Best Value!!!

* Important!! Please help us get your order right :-) Read instructions below on how to build your custom combo.:

Product Description

Choice Laundry Powder ~ Combo 'Love-It' 160

Important!! Please help us get your order right :-)

  • Pick two or more scents: Unscented, Citrus, Acadian Forest, Lavender, Be Mine
  • Tell us how many of each scent you would like
  • Examples for single combo: "2 Citrus, 1 Lavender, 1 Be Mine, 1 Acadian Forest" . . . OR . . . "One of each" . . . whatever combo of five bags you prefer :-)
  • Ordering more than one combo? For every combo you need a total of five bags. So, if you are ordering two combos indicate what ten bags you want, or if you are ordering 3 combos indicate what 15 bags you want. Have fun choosing!

Yield: Approximately 160-480 loads depending on level of grime.


  • 5 pounds / 2.27 kilograms of Choice Laundry Powder
  • Measuring scoops
  • 1 label and set of instructions for each bag you choose

Here's the scoop:

  • Our customers tell us one tablespoon will do a load of diapers, hockey clothes or mechanic's clothes . . . that’s a lot of dirty, stinky, greasy cleaned with meaning that's 100% guaranteed!
  • Plus, our customers also tell us they no longer need dryer sheets or fabric softener, and that their clothes come in soft when hung to dry, even outside in winter!
  • And to top it all off, Choice Laundry Powder works in all kinds of machines (HE or regular, top or front load), all hardnesses of water, and all temperatures . . . plus, it doesn't fade out darks and colours and rinses out streak-free.
  • All this efficiency and money-saving just makes us so content :-)


  • So, how much should you use? Anywhere from one teaspoon to two tablespoons, depending on load size and grime . . . one tablespoon, however, will do most loads :-)
  • Regular washer: Sprinkle powder into drum whenever you prefer
  • High efficiency washer options: 1. Sprinkle on clothes in drum OR 2. Put dry into tray OR 3. Mix with water and pour into tray . . . up to you :-)
  • Stain removal: Make paste of small amount of powder and water. Wet fabric and rub paste into stain. Allow fabric to sit for a few hours or until stain is gone (roll up so it will stay wet). Launder as usual. For extra-heavy stain removal (e.g., cuffs/collars) pre-scrub with our Just Plain Soap.
  • Hand wash: Mix small amount of powder with water, submerge article completely. Let soak, rinse well and dry as directed. Slow laundry at its best!

Ingredients: Washing soda, borax, and our Just Plain Soap (vegetable shortening, filtered brook water, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and sodium hydroxide [lye]) and essential oils as listed below (whichever apply to your selection):

  • Citrus - lemon and orange essential oils
  • Acadian Forest - balsam, cedarwood, pine and birch essential oils
  • Lavender - lavender essential oil
  • Be Mine - patchouli, bergamot, geranium and orange essential oils

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